Ainal Saidin has been a manager since the mid 1990s, managing for profit as well as managing for performance. He has experience in both managing staff as well as managing products. Ainal has done so in a variety of companies in the technology, telecommunications, education and the oil and gas industry. He even found himself briefly doing policy development in a high-level government department. Ainal also provides a unique perspective to issues related to managing performance and technology acquisition, being from both sides of the purchase process from simple procurement to multi-million dollar projects. He can be reached at editors @ techsplatter.com

Anthony Roberts III has been in financial management in a statutory body responsible for the development of an international business and financial center before finding himself within senior management in an oil and gas conglomerate. While pursing his post-graduate studies at Harvard University, he discovered a passion for community development and entrepreneurship.
Currently an entrepreneur himself with several business interests and insatiable appetite for learning and self-development, he can be reached at anthony @ post.harvard.edu

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